For Students

Students who wish to nominate their teacher should first check that their teacher is eligible and willing to accept a nomination, then complete the online nomination form by clicking the button below.

Nominate a Teacher

For Nominated Teachers

Nominated teachers need to complete the online nomination form by clicking the button below.

Teacher’s Form

Deadline for submissions: April 1, 2019
Once all submissions have been received, the Teacher of the Year Committee works together to narrow down the nominations to a group of finalists, using the established criteria to make their decisions.

When the committee has decided on the finalists, all of the finalists are contacted and invited to attend the ABTA Annual Conference. All of the finalists are honored at a special Teacher of the Year ceremony at the ABTA Annual Conference, and the winner of the Teacher of the Year Award is announced.


Teacher of the Year 2018-2019 Committee

Mary Jane Orock, Joyce Penn, Tina Radding, Enid Roitman, Barbara Seagram, Kathie Walsh, Richard Braunstein, and Linda Lee.

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