How to Join?

Joining the ABTA is easy: Select an annual membership dues and click join to pay through Paypal with a credit or debit card or your Paypal account. Complete your login and contact information. If you provide us with your ACBL number your ABTA membership will be included in your ACBL Teacher listing. See full details below.

For membership questions contact

ABTA Annual Membership Dues

Dues for North American Members

All fees below are in US dollars.

One Year : $45

One Year Household Membership: $70

Three Year Membership: $120


Dues for Non-North American Members

These dues must be paid in US dollars. Members residing in countries outside North America are asked to pay a $5 surcharge per year to help compensate for additional mailing costs. Thus with surcharge included:

One Year: $50 USD

One Year Household Membership: $75 USD

Three Year Membership: $135 USD

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