Selection Criteria — How the Search Works

Use this form to search for an ABTA-registered Bridge teacher in your area.

* (Restrict the search area)


Note: We do not attempt to determine your location automatically as it is notoriously inaccurate unless using a device with built-in GPS (and it is turned on and you allow collecting location data).

  • If you enter a full address (a postal code is recommended), that point on the map will be used as the focus of the search. *
  • If you only enter a state, all the teachers in the state will be listed.
  • If you specify a location down to the city level, the “center” of the city (usually the location of City Hall will be used as the focus of the search. *

* A distance must be specified to restrict the bridge teachers that are found to ones within that distance of the address or the center of the city. By default a value is specified, but you can over-ride it.

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