David Glandorf of Houston, TX , wins 2013 ABTA Master Point Press Teacher of the Year Award

Official Announcement:

The American Bridge Teachers Association (ABTA) concluded their annual meeting Thursday, August 1, 2013, with the Teacher of the Year award presentation. Inspiring their students to play, compete, and enjoy the greatest game in the world, eight teachers were featured in today’s presentation. These teachers were judged with a focus on teaching excellence, innovation, service to bridge, & service to their communities. David Glandorf, Houston, TX, received the first place crystal trophy and cash award.

Honorable mention was given to: Laura Delfeld, Austin TX, John Foster, Tampa, FL, and Kathy Rolfe, Greenwood, MO. Other featured teachers included Lynn Berg, Deland, FL, Rosemary Boden, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Mimi David, Palm Desert, CA, and Megan Powell, West Orange, NJ.


Article by Joyce Penn, Chairman of ABTA Teacher of the Year Award Committee

David GlandorfThe thrust of the ABTA ‘s annual Teacher of the Year Award is to recognize very special teachers. Dave’s students rave about his enthusiasm, his dedication and his ability to interact with students with humor and respect. No student of Dave’s has ever felt foolish.  He is an extremely popular teacher, in the Houston area, with superb teaching skills.

Dave has written two, as yet unpublished, student books. The first deals with fundamental concepts focused on card play by declarer or defender. There’s just enough information included on bidding and hand evaluation to help his students understand the basics. Dave’s students understand the basics without getting tangled up in the complexity of auctions for awhile.

His second book, “Yes, No, Maybe,” picks up where the first leaves off, introducing the student to bidding basics. he finds his approach is beneficial for the novice student, as well as, players with some experience who wish to improve their playing skills, as they learn bidding.


Comments from his students include the following:

“I cannot rave enough about Dave’s teaching ability. As a retired school administrator, I recognize an excellent teacher when I see one and wholeheartedly endorse Dave as this year’s Teacher of the Year.”

“Dave is able to structure information into segments that build logically to the next level of “need to know” information. He clearly enjoys his classes, his students, and loves bridge, making the atmosphere contagious.

“Dave is very patient, never frustrated, and is willing to stay after class ends if people need extra help. He encourages students to get to know each other by having several tell about themselves at the beginning of each class session. This sets the tone for relaxed, friendly banter,  among participants.”

Dave’s been known to demonstrate the “Hold Up Play” dressed as a cowboy with guns, a bandana and a hat. He uses skits, sound, and action stories to sustain class interest, appealing to students with many learning styles. When he teaches his students with opening hands, who hold two 5-card suits, to open the higher ranking suit first, they all do HIGH FIVES, to help them remember this concept.

Dave has been teaching for ten years, chairs bridge education at his club, is an active mentor and a frequent speaker at area tournaments. He spearheaded the establishment of games for newer duplicate players at his club. He was his unit’s first recipient of the annual ACBL Unit Goodwill Award. Sponsored by Master Point Press with the American Bridge Teachers’ Association, the committee is composed of ABTA teachers, nationwide: Larry Cohen, Nancy Abbott, Linda Lee, Sandy Stevens, Tina Radding, Brenda Simpson and Chuck Hodel.



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