OVER $12,000 USD RAISED! WOW!!!!

A BIG THANK YOU TO JOAN JOHNSON & CAROLYN HEYN and the Bridge Players from Palos Verdes Peninsula, California for their amazing support of our projects in Cambodia!

Last summer at Toronto’s ABTA meetings, Joan Johnson & Carolyn Heyn, decided To do some fund raising for Patti Lee’s & Barbara Seagram’s charity (5 schools, tuitions, & water projects including toilets in Cambodia). They went home to the Palos Verdes Peninsula in California and put together their committee, and the rest is history.

Joan & Carolyn and their team (Maria Ashla, Nicole Berte, Robin Hill, and Phyllis Yarnall)  organized a bridge bonanza on Thursday, May 17th in Rancho Palos Verdes. They had a bridge lesson in the morning, a delicious lunch, and a duplicate bridge game in the afternoon. Throughout the day, they held a Silent Auction, with many lovely items, donated by  local merchants.

Money goes a long way in Cambodia. As an example, the money raised represents enough money to pay all of the salaries, taxes, hydro, supplies, etc for one of our  schools for almost two full years, or to supply 20 families with their own private toilet. The whole day was a wonderful success, and the resultant money raised will have a major impact on the lives of the children in Cambodia.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You to Joan, to Carolyn, to the rest of the organizing committee and to the Bridge Players from Palos Verdes Peninsula, who came out and supported this event. We are so appreciative of all that you have done.

With gratitude
Patti Lee & Barbara Seagram

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barbaraseagram.com       pattilee.ca

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