ABTA MPP Teacher of the Year

The ABTA Master Point Press Teacher of the Year Award honors and celebrates the teachers who go the extra mile for their students, the bridge teachers who make the game come alive, who keep students coming back for more.

Does your teacher give lessons that are funny and memorable? Do they have a way of making difficult concepts easy to understand? Have they done something noteworthy for the game in your community? If so, tell us about it, and nominate your teacher for the Teacher of the Year Award!

Curious about how teachers are evaluated for the Teacher of the Year Award? Want to know if you or your teacher is eligible? Read our Eligibility and Selection Criteria

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Interviews with Past Winners

For information or questions, contact Richard Braunstein at

Book and Software/Technology of The Year

This prestigious award has been granted every year since 1982, to acknowledge excellent bridge books for students and teachers. The responsibility of the committee for these awards is to consider the value to bridge teachers and their students of all products sent in to the committee.

The awards are given in three categories:

  • Best beginner/novice book of the year
  • Best intermediate/advanced book of the year
  • Best software of the year

Information for 2018 Book Award Submission

Works published since April 1, 2017 will be announced during the ABTA Atlanta Conference in 2018. To submit a newly published work for consideration, contact the committee chairman (see below) for instructions on how to send examination copies to the five committee members. Updates of existing works will not be considered unless substantially different from the original published work. Award may not be made in all categories if the committee judges that no work is of superior quality or value in that category. Entries are judged on their usefulness to teachers, students or improving players. Committee members do not critique or publish reviews of entries received.

DEADLINE: All award submissions must be received by May 1, 2018.

Committee chair: Pat Harrington

Additional committee members: Sam Marks, Henry Meguid, Brenda Montague and Karen Walker.

Click here to view previous winners of this prestigious award.

Apple Basket

Before each annual convention, members submit to the committee chair creative teaching tips and ideas to clarify concepts and enhance the students’ experience. The winner is announced at the dinner banquet. Click here to view a sample.” send your entry to Brenda Montague

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