Special Event at the Las Vegas Convention

The ACBL Educational Foundation has funded the showing of the movie ACES & KNAVES for our convention in Las Vegas on Tuesday, July 16th, at 5:00 p.m. This 57-minute movie mixes vintage stills and old movie footage with dramatic coverage of international tournaments. ACES & KNAVES is aimed not only at bridge enthusiasts but also those who have never picked up a bridge hand. Zia Mahmood and Bill Gates highlight the many dignitaries who comment on the game. Neurological and psychological benefits are also touted. We are extremely fortunate that the cost of this showing has been funded by the Foundation. You are invited to bring guests to the showing who are not attending the convention. The movie producer and director, Jackie Pare, will be on hand to discuss the film and the potential to bring it to your own area as a way to bring in potential new students for you. Since the movie is less than one hour you will still have time for a dinner, a show or just to gamble. I hope you’re excited about this special event arranged just for the ABTA and their guests.

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