Bridge Problem by Patrick Jourdain

Bridge Problem 252 for January 2011


How should West play Six Notrumps on a club lead?

West                              East
 A Q 5                            8 7 6 4 3
 A K Q                           7
 A Q 8 6 4 3                  K 2
 K                                 A Q 7 4 3

An answer to Bridge problem 252


West should win the lead in the west hand and play a low diamond from both hands. Win any return, cross to the king of diamonds and cash the top clubs throwing the two losing spades from hand.

The concession of a diamond at trick two guards against the possibility that one defender has four cards in both minors.

An additional problem for January 2011


Try these clues to a bridge crossword:

(a)  Fast food order for two? (4-3, 6)

(b)  Shun material inquiry (9)

An answer to an additional problem


(a)  Take-out double

(b)  Blackwood

This article has been published with permission from Bridge Magazine.