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“To help those who teach bridge to do it better, more effectively, more knowledgeably, more professionally.”

Enjoy the friendship and support of fellow teachers, access unique resources to support your teaching and your business, and get great discounts on your teaching materials. Join the ABTA today!

Help Students Find You

As an ABTA teacher, you will be listed in the Find a Teacher Directory on this website. This valuable marketing tool helps direct potential students to your classes. If you have a professional website, you can share this information with us and we will make it available on the directory.

Network and Exchange Ideas

2010 MPP Teacher of the Year Tina Radding offers her congratulations to the 2011 winner, Kathie Walsh.

MPP Teachers of the Year Tina Radding (2010) and Kathie Walsh (2011)

You already know that networking with other bridge teachers is an important part of your growth as a professional bridge teacher.  An ABTA membership connects you to the bridge teaching world, with numerous opportunities to develop your teaching practice, build your business, and find friends who share your passion for teaching bridge.

Networking opportunities for ABTA members include our Annual Conference, ABTA BBO Chat, a scheduled online discussion on topics relevant to bridge teachers, and ABTA Discuss on Yahoo Groups, an online forum where you can chat with other ABTA teachers, ask questions and share strategies. There are also numerous opportunities for members to get involved as volunteers.


Enhance your Resume

ABTA Membership

You will show students and employers your commitment to your profession when you add ABTA Member to your name, and your resume. In addition to gaining a listing in the ABTA Find a Teacher Directory, all members can order an ABTA name badge (a small fee applies). Click here for full details


ABTA Master Teacher Designation

Experienced teachers are encouraged to apply for the ABTA Master Teacher designation, the highest recogition in the North American bridge teaching community. Show your students that you know your stuff and have the expertise they are looking for. Click here for more information on the Master Teacher Program


ABTA MPP Teacher of the Year Award

ABTA members are eligible to be nominated for the ABTA Master Point Press Teacher of the Year Award. This prestigious award gives students an opportunitiy to recognize teachers who go above and beyond the ordinary to make their classes come alive. See full details about this award here.


Benefit from Teacher-only Discounts

ABTA teachers always receive special rates on materials from Master Point Press and Ebooksbridge including books, software, and teaching materials and every month, teachers can find a special teacher offer on the ABTA site. Check out MPP's recommended titles for teachers and students here. Master Point Press also makes support material for many of their publications (such as free printables, bonus chapters and quizzes) available to ABTA teachers through this website. See this month's teacher offer.

By using your ABTA membership card to validate that you are a professional teacher, you can also get significant discounts from several online suppliers. For example, Great Game Products provides a 50% discount to ABTA teachers on some materials including Pat Harrington's CD, Audrey Grant's CDs, and Bridge Baron.

Access Unique Resources for Bridge Teachers

ABTA Quarterly Magazine

The ABTA Quarterly Magazine is designed to support ABTA members, and articles focus on topics that are relevant to bridge teachers, such as: marketing and business development, teaching strategies, book reviews, ABTA events and announcements, and bridge news and opinion. With an ABTA membership, you'll receive a subscription to the ABTA's Quarterly Magazine. Back issues are also available on request, and will be available for downloading in the near future.

View a sample copy of the ABTA Quarterly here.


Members of the ABTA have access to recordings of talks by well-regarded bridge teachers and players, like this one by Eddie Kantar. You can hear the recordings at your convenience and share highlights with your students.

Resource and Article Library

The ABTA website is a rich source of material for bridge teachers, whether you are looking for a little bridge humour to make your class laugh, want to know about how to work on a cruise, or you need some quizzes to check your students' knowledge. We are always adding great content from around the web!