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“To help those who teach bridge to do it better, more effectively, more knowledgeably, more professionally.”

"Students who are moving into a new area or looking to start playing bridge can search for a teacher on the ACBL or the ABTA and look for a teacher with the Master Teacher credential behind their name. Also, specialized teaching environments like cruises are getting more restrictive as far as credentials behind your name, so it is very helpful professionally to have this designation." - Betty Starzec, Chair 2012

Why should you apply to be an ABTA Master Teacher?

Gain recognition for your professional expertise and your commitment to teaching

The ABTA Master Teacher designation is the highest recognition we have in the North American bridge teaching community. The ABTA Master Teacher designation is an acknowledgement that you have achieved a level of excellence in your profession as a bridge teacher.

Attract students to your classes and your bridge club

ABTA Master Teachers are our very best professionals, and we are confident in recommending our Master Teachers for bridge teaching jobs at any level and in any setting. The Find a Teacher feature on the ABTA website will also note teachers with the Master Teacher designation, which will help you to attract more students.

Enhance your resume and access more diverse teaching opportunities

Bridge teaching, especially in specialized environments such as cruises, is becoming increasingly competitive. The ABTA name is well-respected, and adding the Master Teacher designation to your resume will help you to secure positions in a wide range of teaching environments.

Feel confident in your own teaching skills and grow professionally 

ABTA Master Teachers have told us that becoming a Master Teacher has helped them become more confident in their skills as teaching professionals. Even if you don't qualify on the first try, you are sure to learn a great deal from the application process, and the panel is always happy to give constructive feedback to all teachers who apply.

Interested in applying? Click here for application form and details

Not sure if you're ready to be a Master Teacher?

Feel free to e-mail Betty Starzec at lstarzec@comcast.net for a practice quiz.