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Information about past and upcoming ABTA conferences

Annual ABTA Bridge Teachers' Convention

All ABTA teachers are welcome to attend the annual convention, held in a different city each year. The conference includes lectures by renowned bridge teachers and expert players, free books and software, news of upcoming bridge titles, banquets, planned social outings with other teachers, and more. 

Provisional Program 2017 Convention: Toronto

A provisional program for the 2017 Convention in Toronto

Calling All Teachers! UPDATED

Calling all teachers! A message from Barbara Seagram about the 2017 ABTA Convention in Toronto.

2017 Convention Registration

Registration for the 2017 ABTA Convention held at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, ON Tuesday evening July 18, 2017 to Friday morning July 21, 2017.

2017 Convention: Toronto

Look here for information on the 2017 ABTA Convention.