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“To help those who teach bridge to do it better, more effectively, more knowledgeably, more professionally.”

The ABTA Master Teacher designation is the highest recognition we have in the North American bridge teaching community. ABTA Master Teachers are our very best professionals, and we are confident in recommending our Master Teachers for bridge teaching jobs at any level and in any setting.

Master Teacher Directory

A directory of current ABTA Master Teachers.

How to Apply

Interested in being an ABTA Master Teacher? Check here to apply.

Q & A with Betty Starzec

By Libby Stoker-Lavelle on Aug 20, 2012.
Betty Starzec, Former Chair of the Membership Credentials Committee and the Master Teacher Program, shares her insights into the Master Teacher Evaluation Process and a few tips for candidates for the ABTA Master Teacher designation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer the most common questions about the Master Teacher Program. Please contact the Chair of the Membership Credentials Committee if we haven't answered your question here.


Confidence, recognition, career opportunities: there are numerous personal and professional benefits to applying for Master Teacher accreditation.

The Interview Process

Detailed descriptions of how and when Master Teacher candidates will be evaluated. Pick up some handy tips on how to prepare for your interview!

About the Designation

You've worked hard to gain the knowledge, communication skills and teaching expertise that keep your students coming back for more. The ABTA Master Teacher designation recognizes those teachers who have mastered the art of teaching bridge.