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Congratulations to this year’s winner of the 2014 ABTA Book of the Year Award:

Larry Teaches Opening Leads

by Larry Cohen

Level: Beginner

In his 3rd book of his Intermediate Series, "Larry Teaches Opening Leads" covers all the basics on this crucial topic. Starting with the easy leads of three-card sequences and partner's suit, he moves onto more confounding issues (such as leading away from kings, which card to lead against notrump with KQ832, trump leads and much more). While intended for his intermediate audience, there are several more advanced topics (such as leading against preempts and coded 10's/9's) in later chapters. Larry's usual entertaining and light style pervades the book, but the climax is his 3 favorite opening leads of all time, including the worst lead in the history of bridge.

Learn more about this book at Baron Barclay or from Larry Cohen's website LarryCo.com.