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Announcing the 2014 ABTA Master Point Press Teacher of the Year Award

In conjunction with Master Point Press, the American Bridge Teachers Association (ABTA) will present the 2014 “Teacher of the Year” plaque and cash award, in Las Vegas, NV during the ABTA Summer Conference.

About the Award

The purpose of the ABTA Master Point Press Teacher of the Year Award is to recognize the unsung heroes of the bridge world - its teachers. Master Point Press decided to sponsor this award in 2009 and since 2010, we have been recognizing the bridge teachers who go the extra mile for their students. Each year Master Point Press awards the Teacher of the Year with a crystal plaque and a cash award for excellence in teaching. Read about past winners and finalists.

Could your Teacher be "Teacher of the Year"?

Does your bridge teacher get the recognition he/she deserves? Do you wish the world to know how your teacher has given you the priceless gift of bridge?  Good teachers’ passion for bridge shines through in their classroom. They present bridge material in an interesting, original way, encouraging their students to learn more and take the next step to becoming competent players. A good teacher stays up-to-date with changing methods, and enthusiastically shares his/her love of the game with students.

Students who hold their teacher in high regard, who feel their teacher cares about their successes and challenges at the bridge table, are encouraged to nominate their teacher for this prestigious award.  Here’s the opportunity for your teacher to be recognized as one of the world’s best.

Nomination and Selection Process

Please see How to Nominate your Teacher for complete information on the nomination process. Nominations are being accepted until March 15, 2014. [NOTE: Nominations are now CLOSED. Please check back later for the 2015 TotY Award!] Nominees must have at least 5 years teaching experience and teach at least 75 hours per year.

The Teacher of the Year Committee (listed below) will evaluate all submissions. Joyce, past president of the ABTA, and Chair of the TOY Committee, encourages students to nominate teachers who fill their classroom with joy and teach their art with warmth and passion. Each submission will be acknowledged. Past nominees are eligible for re-submission.

A total of five finalists will be chosen from the nominees received, and the finalists and the winner will be recognized at the ABTA Conference in Atlanta.

Award Sponsorship

Master Point Press is the world’s largest publisher of bridge books and bridge eBooks, including "Declarer Play at Bridge: A Quizbook." Authored by Barbara Seagram and David Bird, it is the winner of the 2013 ABTA Book of the Year.  ABTA, the professional bridge teachers organization, includes members from the US, Canada, Australia, England, Greece & Japan, and enables teachers to share creative ideas, participate in online discussion groups, and helps them enrich their skills.

Teacher of the Year 2013-2014 Committee

Thank you to this year's dedicated committee members: Larry Cohen, Tina Radding, Joyce Penn, Mary Jane Orock, Linda Lee, and Nancy Abbott, Chairman.