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Applebasket Entry, 2014

Submitted by: Barbara Rees

I am currently teaching a set of lessons on 'Two Over One (2/1) Game Force' to relatively inexperienced players..some of which have never played Duplicate Bridge. I have five tables. They love it! I am using the Audrey Grant/Eric Rodwell text. I also get them to purchase Dee Berry's 'Two Over One in a Nutshell' mini text..a real 2/1 treasure. I took three lessons to teach the first two chapters. I am teaching to include minors...so 1C/2C or 1D/2D is a game force. I taught them 'Criss-Cross to show a limit raise. I also taught them 'Two-Way Reverse Drury' suggesting they use it in 3rd seat only and to have opening points or the Rule of 15 for 4th seat. I am teaching 8 lessons with lesson 7 being a review and lesson 8 being two hours of just playing hands that will reinforce all they have learned. They are fascinated with it all. I believe the time has come to start be-ginners' out with 2/1. A teacher's manual and student text should be written to en- compass 'Standard American' and '2/1' for 'Beginners'. As with all sets of lessons I teach, I highly encourage each of them to do some playing and then take the set again. I offer re-takes at half price. I am so excited for these folks to have the courage to take on '2/1'!