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Applebasket Entry, 2014

Submitted by: Patty Stone

If I have a large class, I put my lessons on Power Point with a screen and projector, microphone and I use a laser pointer to point things out on the screen. If a small class, I teach with cards on the table. The principles of bridge seem to be clearer to students if they can hear me as well as see it up on the screen in bold lettering. During the lesson, I have the students make up a hand or two on the table to show the principles. I make up a couple of hands before each lesson, with each hand directly on point to the bridge principle taught that day, two hands for each table of students to bid and play. Then after I’ve finished the lesson, I tell them to bid the hand, after which, they then put their hands face up on the table and we go over the bidding so they can learn the correct bidding for the hand. Then I tell them to pick up their hands and play the hand with no help from me. I tell them they can make the contract if played right using the principle just taught, or not if played wrong. When they are through, they put their hands face up on the table and we go through the play of the hand and what should have been done to make the contract. The students seem to especially like playing two hands at the end using the principles taught that day and seeing if they can utilize the points taught.