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Applebasket Entry, 2013

Submitted by: Mimi David (Palm Desert, California)—Tied for Third—Sixth Place

Opener with Three-Partners Exercise

I find this exercise to be an excellent tool for bidding in bridge classes if you have extra time after the lecture and play of any sample hands.

The exercise should be used only after the students have completed study of the basic bidding rules.

A good practice exercise is the “opener with three-partners exercise.” This format can be used for bidding practice for all classes:

  • Deal out the cards; choose one player with an opening bid. The opening bidder places his hand in vertical rows facing the other three players.
  • Ask the other players at the table to also place their hands in vertical rows in front of them, facing towards the center of the table.
  • Each player acts as the partner of the player with the opening hand.
  • There may be more than one opening hand. Simply assign one player with an opening hand as dealer and opening bidder.
  • The format allows the other three players to bid three hands with the opener in one deal.