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Download a complete listing of the ABTA Awards until 2015 here: PDF.

2015 - Beginner

Larry Teaches Opening Leads Larry Cohen

2015 - Intermediate/Advanced

Winning Duplicate Tactics David Bird

2014 - Beginner

A Second Book of Bridge Problems Patrick O'Connor
2014 - Advanced  
Five Steps to Simplify the Endplay Audrey Grant
2013 - Beginner  
Declarer Play at Bridge: A Quizbook Barbara Seagram and David Bird
2013 - Advanced  
15 Winning Cardplay Techniques David Bird and Tim Bourke
2012 - Beginner  
A First Book of Bridge Problems Patrick O’Connor
2012 - Advanced  
Cuebidding 1 - Controls Patty Tucker and Melissa Bernhardt
2011 - Beginner  
Bridge with Bells and Whistles Mary Ann Dufresne and Marion Ellingsen
2010 - Beginner  
Playing the Play of a Bridge Hand Barbara Seagram and David Bird
2010 - Intermediate  
Take ALL Your Chances Eddie Kantar
A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play Julian Laderman
2008 - Beginner  
Hands on Weak Two-Bids Joan Anderson
2008 - Intermediate  
How Good is Your Bridge Danny Roth
2007 - Beginner  
Learning to Play Bridge Gary Brown
2007 - Intermediate  
Major Suit Raises I and Major Suit Raises II Pat Harrington
A Bridge to Simple Squeezes Julian Laderman
Declarer Bridge the Bergen Way Marty Bergen
No Trump Contracts David Bird
2003 - Beginner  
Bridge Basics I: An Introduction Audrey Grant
2003 - Advanced  
25 Steps to Learning 2/1 Paul Thurston
The Bridge Technique Series David Bird and Marc Smith
Commonly Used Conventions Audrey Grant
2000 - Beginner  
Improving your Judgment: Opening the Bidding Audrey Grant
2000 - Advanced  
Kantar Lessons, Vol IV Eddie Kantar
1999 - Beginner  
Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense Eddie Kantar
1999 - Advanced  
Eddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge Defense Eddie Kantar
1999 - Student  
25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know Barbara Seagram and Marc Smith
1998 - Beginner  
Easybridge! Edith McMullin
1998 - Advanced  
Forgive Me, Partner Pamela Granovetter
1997 - Beginner  
Bridge for Dummies Eddie Kantar
1997 - Advanced  
How the Experts Win at Bridge Burt Hall and Lynn Rose-Hall
1996 - Advanced  
Points Schmoints Marty Bergen
1996 – Teaching Book  
Kantar Lessons III Eddie Kantar
The Complete Book of Takeout Doubles Mike Lawrence
How to Defend a Bridge Hand William Root
1993 - Beginner  
How to Set Your Opponents Caroline Sydnor
1993 - Advanced  
Bridge My Way Zia Mahmood
The Bridge Mini-Series Norma Sands and Jan Janitschke
1992 - Advanced  
To Bid or Not to Bid: The Law of Total Tricks Larry Cohen
1991 - Beginner  
Guide to Better Card Play Ron Klinger
1991 - Advanced  
The Topics on Bridge Series Mike Lawrence
How to Play a Bridge Hand William Root
Devyn Press Bridge Teacher’s Texts and Manual Randall Baron and Frank Stewart
Teach Me to Play Jude Goodwin and Don Ellison
Common Sense Bidding William Root
A New Approach to Play and Defense Eddie Kantar
The Fun Way to Advanced Bridge Harry Lampert
1984 (Special Award - all other candidates moved to next year)  
The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge Henry Francis
Complete Book of Opening Leads Easley Blackwood
How to Win More Tricks Caroline Sydnor