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Membership Renewal and Current Data

By Kathy Rolfe


ABTA memberships renew every October. That does not necessarily mean your dues are due, you may have renewed previously for multiple years, in which case your dues will be due in another year or two. Every issue of the Quarterly mailed to U.S. members has the member # and the paid until year on the first line of the magazine label. However, if your dues are currently due or a few months from now OVERDUE, the label will, instead of the year, say DUES ARE DUE or DUES ARE OVERDUE.

Non-U.S. members get a dues reminder in the envelope with their magazine when their dues are due. In addition, the envelope itself will be marked with a “DUES DUE” or “DUES OVERDUE” statement.

If your dues are not current by the end of the calendar year 2015, you will not be listed as a teacher on our website and access to the members only section will be denied. You can renew your dues by paying with Paypal online, by mailing a check to PO BOX 232, Greenwood, MO 64034, or by calling Kathy and providing your credit card information over the phone, which will in turn be processed through Paypal.

If you have not yet provided your ACBL number to us and you wish to do so, dues renewal time is a good time to get that done. Providing this number will be one means of qualifying to be listed as a teacher on the ACBL website.

Please make sure you have kept both your mailing address and your email address correct with ABTA as well. We send many emails throughout the year. If you are not getting them, then either we have an incorrect email or our emails are going directly to your SPAM. Please list us in your contacts to prevent our emails from going to SPAM. Our email is abtaemail@gmail.com.

If you are not getting your magazine, please contact Kathy to make sure we have your current mailing address.

Renewal rates detailed on the Join the ABTA or Renew your Membership page