Thank you for applying to the ABTA Master Teacher Program. Before applying, please verify that you have met the following requirements:

The basic requirements for application are:
1. At least three years of continuous ABTA membership.
2. At least 100 hours of professional (for remuneration) bridge teaching experience.
3. Attendance at a full ABTA Convention and Seminar.

How to become a Master Teacher Prep Class Sample Questions

Samples/Support Materials

We recommend that you send samples of work you have created yourself (course outlines, lesson plans, handouts, class fliers, etc.) along with your application.

Two locations to upload:

  1. Log in to the members’ area and click on the upload icon and select the Master Teacher Certification icon.
  2. Below the form you can select choose files to upload.

Need information or have questions contact
Kathie MacNab at

ABTA Master Teacher Application Form

Contact Details
Questions for Master Teacher Candidates

For materials to be accepted you MUST include the teacher’s name in the file title. 

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